I am obsessed with abandoned structures. I love photographing, exploring and taking an occasional souvenir. There’s something delightfully eerie about standing in a space that was once bustling. Or once housed a busy family, preparing for a holiday meal or celebrating a birthday. Where did they put their couch? Where was their Christmas tree? Did anyone die here? It’s also a very humbling feeling to see nature overtake and reclaim a place so quickly. I’ve seen trees growing from the floor straight up through a hole in the ceiling. But, all this isn’t without danger. The obvious dangers like falling through the floor, inhaling a toxic mold or dust or the worst case scenario: stumbling upon unsuspecting “squatters”. I’ve never encountered a live person, but I’ve seen signs and heard footsteps overhead. Both of which I took as my cue to GTFO. I plan to post all the pictures I’ve acquired over the years in individual posts. My exploration habits have come to a screeching halt since I had children. It’s not safe to bring them in or leave them outside in a running car. So! I wait for my next chance with bated breath.

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