Abandoned: Maries Rd. Sterling, VA

This home was my first foray into the magical world of abandoned exploration. My dad showed me the home and I came back to explore it on my own (much to his chagrin). The main, yellow, home had been moved out of. Clearly by someone who cherished it because the stove manual was placed back inside the stove. There were letters between sisters, an old camera in the attic, and a chair left behind. In the backyard was an old chicken coop (or rabbit hutch), a shed that held the jar collection, and another small grey house. The grey house had NOT been moved out of… it was abandoned. A horse bridle and coat hung on hooks behind the door. The kitchen was still stocked and each bedroom had a nigh stand with personal items on it: an old Spiegel catalog from the 70’s, children’s dolls, clothes (I took a house coat home, washed it and can be seen modeling it), a children’s diary and more. Eerie. On my way out of this property, I backed my car into an unseen ditch and was stuck for a bit. AAA hauled me out for $80. Bummer. These homes have since been demolished and the land currently supports a behemoth storage building.

Some of these photos are shot in film (probably a Lomography type 35mm film).

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