Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

2021 was filled with… whatever. Really, I can’t remember much. Mom had surgery, Mom got better. I didn’t have surgery, I stayed about the same. Ella started pre school, Girlie died, Barrett started losing his hair and the driveway collapsed. I found out I’m pregnant with baby girl #3! My best friend just had her 2nd baby. I got into reading again. I kept up with my New Year’s resolution to produce 1 podcast episode per month. 2021 really had it’s up’s and downs. 2022 will TOO! What can you do. My resolutions for 2022: have a healthy baby girl, cook at least 1 dinner per week, and keep up with my podcast (no production/timing requirements). Keeping it lose, keeping it attainable. I’ve seen so many things about 2022, and things to leave behind OR things to DO this upcoming year. I found one thing on good old Instagram that I actually liked. This is by @alex_elle:


  • Emotionally draining friendships and relationships.
  • Overcommitting to things you don’t want to do.
  • Not clearly communicating your needs.
  • Pressing people to change who don’t want to.
  • Excusing mistreatment and dysfunctional behavior by saying “that’s just how they are”.
  • Blaming yourself for things you had/have no control over.
  • Giving your power away to avoid being alone.
  • Forcing connections because you want reciprocity.
  • Reacting in the moment versus taking a step back to respond.
  • Deprioritizing yourself as an act of unconditional love.

LOVE IT! Things I have been working on (not necessarily just this past year, but in general) are saying no, not pushing friendships (new or old), and as of recently, stop expecting a certain type of friend from a person who isn’t capable of being that type. In fact, I just might stop expecting anything from anyone aside from myself, my husband and my children. A new laissez-faire type of attitude. Stop overcommitting for things, not just that I don’t want to do, but that I think I want to do in the moment (online classes, new hobbies, etc); taking a step back when the whimsy strikes and sitting with it for a bit until I can decipher if it’s something I truly want/need. Same goes for purchases.

2022 is the year of HANDS OFF.

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