Bloganuary Day #2 Prompt: “What is a road trip you would love to take?”

In 2014, I took a road trip “out west”. I was westward bound, if you will. It was great! Eye opening, exciting, awe inspiring. Then in 2015, I took a road trip around Iceland. More of the same: amazing landscapes, experiences and people. Such a cool place (ha). So, as far as a road trip goes, I have a preferred style: winging it. I generally don’t book much in advance so if we’re toodling along, we can fly by the seat of our pants (I say our because I’m assuming my husband and/or children would be coming along at this points) and see whatever strikes our fancy. I also like camping, so our car needs to fit all these pieces of camping equipment that allow for roughing it in style. This is why I’d probably love to travel the USA again. Maybe a different route? There’s so much to see here! I also would really love to see Alaska but that may be literally dangerous to road trip. Western Canada would probably also rule… what with BAMF and all. If I had to choose an international location, it’d either be Ireland or Scotland. They look similar to Iceland and those landscapes are breathtaking. Now, communicating with Scottish people may prove challenging… I can’t understand anything they’re saying.

If I was on my own, I’d probably do a a “haunted locations” road trip to several locations like Pennhurst, Trans-Allegheny and hopefully Villisca, IA, among many many others.


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