Bloganuary Day #7 Prompt: “What makes you laugh?”

There’s a TON of stuff that makes me laugh. I love quick wit, dead pan delivery, and a well-timed joke. These things take skill and I’ve found the quietest most introverted people to be the most skillful at it. Old men seem to have a pretty good grasp on it. These days though, the complete disastrous state of worldly affairs gives me a laugh. It’s not a hearty belly laugh, mind you. It’s a sigh-filled, “I give up”, throw-your-hands-up kind of laugh. I truly can’t believe how ridiculous everyone is these days. I can’t say I blame them fully; media tends to incite panic, fear and put people at odds with one another. Right when I think things can’t be any more FUBAR, they manage to step up to the occasion. The CDC memes these days give me a good chuckle (“the CDC now says eating medium rare chicken is a-ok”). Religious zealots who truly believe what they’re saying is gospel (ha). Everyone jumping on SOME social band wagon (there are people who are making great changes and haven’t merely jumped on a revolution for a IG story). Everyone thinking THEY are important enough that someone will care about every meal they’re eating out (stop, please stop, posting pictures of meals; you’re not going to look back at those pictures, and frankly it only makes me jealous) or the concert they’re attending (again: watch the concert, because you won’t be looking back at your grainy, inaudible cell phone video of it). People can be so amazing, and so hair-rippingly frustrating. And, that’s what makes me laugh.


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3 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day #7 Prompt: “What makes you laugh?”

    1. Tiffany- I totally agree. It’s a “heh heh… oh gawd”. And I only have a super small understanding of everything! My head would explode if I researched more :-\ stay safe out there, friend. Love yourself and your family, that’s all we can do.


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