Bloganuary Day #8 Prompt: “What do you like most about your writing?”

I am an efficient writer and can crank out pretty decent stuff at a fast pace. I just need the discipline to sit down regularly and do it (hence the blogging challenge; which I always manage to be a day behind and have to pack two entries into one day). But, what I enjoy most is my unabashed honestly, delivered with a zest of humor. I believe people deserve to hear the truth at ALL times. There are ways to deliver the truth that are tactful and tender, but still the truth. As a nurse, a psychiatric nurse at that, I’ve always told my patients the truth. When doctors want to avoid informing the patient of “bad news” and pass it off to whoever is on call, I volunteer to tell the patient. They deserve not only the truth, but delivered with empathy by someone who genuinely cares for them to know. We had a patient (IV drug user) who was getting ready to leave AMA (against medical advice). I had received in report that he had hepatitis C, but the nurses didn’t feel it was their place to inform him but the MD that ordered the tests. I wasn’t going to wait for a doctor to show up and risk them arriving after he’d left and possibly infected someone else. So, I said “hey, before you go, I have to tell you something about your labs. You’re positive for Hep C, so please don’t share needles and follow up with a doctor wherever you’re going”. He kept packing his bags. I could’ve said “hey, I just shit my pants, I’m gonna go change”, and he wouldn’t have cared. He replied “yeah, I figured I was due for that”. Job done! People deserve the truth and that’s what I try to share with my writing (and podcast), and how I live day to day. I will say, beliefs are personal truths. I share those, too. Sometimes without being asked to.


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4 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day #8 Prompt: “What do you like most about your writing?”

  1. I have always wondered the proper way to respond to a mentally ill person? I worked in a state hospital and I found it easier just to play right along with their story but wasn’t sure if that was actually harmful or not?

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    1. Hi Michelle! In school they tell us not to endorse their delusions/hallucinations. But, I have found that to be untrue in some circumstances. If they’re freshly admitted and their medicine isn’t at a therapeutic level, fighting them on their reality will only build barriers between you. They need to trust us, and feel heard. So, I go along with it until I know they’re starting to feel better… and generally at that point, they’re not as delusional or hallucinating as severely. They’re starting to appreciate those thoughts weren’t true reality. Then with people who have organic causes for the psychological decline, think dementia, I never fight them. Reorienting them won’t serve any long term good and things are only going to continue to decline. So, I like to make them feel safe, and happy. Thanks for your thought provoking comment!

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